Connecting guitar amplifier to mixer via headphones out

2018-04-08 04:36:25

I have a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60W guitar amp and Yamaha mg10xu mixer.

I'd like to mix my amplifier's sound with some background track (which I'm already sending to the mixer correctly) and send everything to the headphones (for home practice). When I connect my amplifier's 3.5mm headphones-out to the 6.3mm jack input on my mixer using this cable, I get a very weak signal and plenty of noise (and need to turn my amp volume, channel volume on mixer and channel gain on mixer to max in order to hear anything).

When I connect headphones directly to the amp's headphones out, I get a nice amplified sound as expected even at low amp volume (but this way I'm bypassing the mixer and cannot include the background track).

My amplifiers outputs include:

3.5mm headphones out

speaker out big jack output (which I don't want to use as it doesn't silence the built-in speaker)

USB record out


1) How can I get rid of the noise? Should I use a different cable? Should I connect