Who were the space artists who made this (possibly) first “paint-by-numbers” image of Mars?

2018-04-08 04:35:19

The COSMOS Magazine article First mission to Mars: Mariner 4’s special place in history July 14, 1965, forever changed the way we see Mars. Tim Wallace looks back at one of NASA’s greatest triumphs recounts some of the excitement that NASA scientists and engineers must have felt during:

...humanity’s first up-close encounter with the Red Planet on July 14, 1965, when the pioneering Mariner 4 spacecraft took the first detailed photographs of the Martian surface, paving the way for future missions to successfully land a probe on the ground.

Remember, this is several years before the first Moon landing!

One of the many interesting images in the article is this the photo shown below.

Question: Who were the "space artists" who were essentially doing this (possibly the world's first) paint by numbers rendition of Mars.

Digital image data transmitted by Mariner was converted by a "real-time data translator" into numbers printed on thin strips of paper. Too impatient