How to get message from wev3.shh use Python

2018-05-16 17:22:53

Good afternoon. I'm trying to implement the "Status" at the moment. I use the library Web3.shh. I sent the message and gives the answer "True", but I can not receive all the messages on the other address. In the documentation of the Ethereum and in the documentation "Status" I did not find any answers. Tell me how to correctly pull messages from the Geth at? Here's the code:

from web3 import shh

from web3 import HTTPProvider, Web3

status_host = ''

privatekey = '0x5eea64de8906369619474280b7f2afa922ffdbeac65867f544a97f575392f2cf'

connect = Web3(HTTPProvider(status_host))

print('connect status ===> ', connect.isConnected())

ms = shh.Shh(connect)

print('info ===>>>> ',

id = ms.addPrivateKey(key=privatekey)

print('id ===>>>> ', id)

user_address = ms.getPublicKey(id)

print('user_address ===>>> ', user_address)

privkey = ms.getPrivateKey(id)

print("privkey => ", privkey)

topic = Web3.toHex(b'ESSS')

print("topic => ", topic)

text = 't