Small claims EU to US

2018-05-16 17:14:12

I am involved in a situation where a former housemate has left my sharehouse in the Netherlands and owes me €3000. This person now lives in the US.

The facts:

I have evidence they owe me this money, including an itemised list they agreed to and messages from them to me insisting they will pay me the agreed amount.

They are an American citizen with EU citizenship (not from the Netherlands but another western European country)

They have a bank account in the Netherlands although I don't think it has more than €1000.

We have a previous relationship in Australia, where they have another bank account containing more than €3000.

They have far more than €3000 in bank accounts in the US.

It has been four months since they left the Netherlands.

It has been one month since their last message telling me they would send me the money (no contact from then since then)

Is it possible for me to take this person to a small claims court? If so where would I do this? It's unlikely they