Modifying a camera sensor to work with CSI-2 connector

2018-04-08 04:11:33

We're using Raspberry Pi's as the base of our product, and need specific camera sensors. Specifically we need, an (1) IR cut lens, (2) 130+ degree FOV, (3) 850nm IR LED lights, and a (4) compact form factor. We found camera sensors that are ideal for us, but they only come in USB version. Unfortunately, USB leads to too much CPU usage so now we're only looking for CSI-2 type cameras.

I'm trying to understand how difficult it is to ask a manufacturer to modify a USB camera to work with the Raspberry Pi CSI interface. I'd love to know:

1. What specifically do I need to tell the manufacturer about the connector? Do I say (1) it needs to work with Raspberry Pi or (2) do I list the requirements of the CSI-2 connector?

2. If the answer is (2) above, what are those requirements? Does anyone besides Raspberry Pi use the same connector?

This is an example of a perfect camera module for us, except that it's USB: