When and how can an Internet community survive on its own, with little to no moderation intervention?

2018-05-16 16:54:32

I remember such situation in an online multiplayer game.

The game had servers associated with different sites providing login. Of course, the largest server was the one associated with Facebook. But we're not talking about this server; instead, we're talking about a much smaller server associated with a smaller site. This server was clearly a "second-class citizen" in the view of the developers (likely because of its humbler popularity) and therefore, while it theoretically did have moderators, they were disinclined to burden themselves with actual moderation and it was nigh-impossible to make them step in and take any action.

Usually, there was no need to. There was a chatroom in this game; and in spite of the moderators' indolence it did not detoriate into total chaos. There was one particular user who became a de-facto informal moderator, and I must admit, she was doing it well. Whenever someone was becoming excessively unreasonable or disruptive, she would typically