Moving / Consulting Question

2018-04-08 04:05:58

I'm not new to stachexchange, but wanted to remain anonymous on this post that way my employer wouldn't get wind of my aspirations. I'm currently employed as a software developer in the Atlanta area at market rate. I have a felony charge on my record, and my employer know about this. I would like to start my own consulting firm, but won't be able to for the next 2-3 years due to lack of experience. Finding employment with a felony on your record, can be a doozy in the Atlanta area. I would like to move to CA in a few years and start a firm out there. CA laws are much better for felons than laws in GA. I'm also working on an advanced technical degree. Pretty soon, I'll be qualified to be a software architect, but would prefer to start my own firm once I'm at that point. Many of the books I've read say that starting your own business is a good way to go, but I thought I'd reach out here for more info. What is the best way to move to CA when things are a bit comple