Which EU ID cards are biometric?

2018-03-09 09:03:26

Kosovo lets EU citizens enter on a national ID card, but only if it's biometric.

Which causes me to wonder: which EU IDs are biometric (per the newest versions)?

The ones I'm unsure about are:

Austria (recto, verso)

Bulgaria (recto, verso)

Croatia (recto, verso)

Czech Republic (recto, verso)

Malta (recto, verso)

Poland (recto, verso)

Portugal (recto, verso)

Romania (recto)

Slovakia (recto, verso)

Slovenia (recto, verso)

Please note that the presence/absence of a visible chip or of the biometric symbol doesn't necessarily make the document biometric/non-biometric.

Also please don't refer to Wikipedia, as it's not reliable in the slighest (it used to say the Finnish ID is biometric, which it's not).