Lead screw holder - shall buy metal or use just printed one?

2018-04-16 14:52:34

I am on the way to build my own printer using 2020 profiles, TR8 * 500mm lead screw for z-axis. Still thinking if that will be a h-bot or coreXY, but this is another story.

As the printing table shall be mounted in a stable condition I am using this tevo tarantula cube transformation as a base for Z-axis. The guys are using metal housing for the lead-screws, but I am wondering if just print this housing lead screw mount from thingverese and add a 608 bearing will be acceptable?


As per Oscar's comment, my bed will have a set of linear guides next to lead screw, for stabilization.

This is also a nice solution for Z-axis.. In that case have same question can I print bearing housing and rely on it or it is better to use metal ones?