Bring the Fourier Transform to my TI Calculator- Conveniently!

2018-03-09 08:42:22


I have a TI-85 calculator. Naturally, for something so ancient, it cannot compute the Fourier Transform. Also naturally, I do not have the link cable.

I, unfortunately, have a fuzzy understanding of the workings of the famed FT, so I'd like to ask the infinitely more capable YOU to help me!

What I can do is write an interpreter for your language in TI-BASIC (roll with me here) and copy your program into my calculator.

There are some restrictions, though:

You cannot use any language feature that does any of the following:

- Uses technology that physically does not exist on the TI-85. (no wget and such)

- Requires the FT for its computation.

I am eager to get the Fourier Transform on my calculator, but there's one more thing: I have to input your program in hex, and switching between A-F and 0-9 is really tedious.

So, your entry will be scored based on the minimum number of switches between A-F and 0-9 in the hexadecimal representation of the native character