How many Chaos God are there in WarHammer 40k?

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Remark: This question was prompted by the answers to this enter link description here. As explained below, the secondary sources like Lexicanum, usually very good and well-linked to primary sources, is ambiguous here, so only official material is accepted as answer to the question. Finally, the question is about 40k, so WarHammer Battle sources (officially a different canon) are not accepted here.

From Wikipedia's article on enter link description here,

Chaos refers to the malevolent entities which live in a different timespace, known as the Warp. (...) The term can refer to these warp entities and their influence, the servants and worshippers of these entities, or even the parallel universe in which these entities are supposed to reside. The most powerful of these warp entities are those known as the Chaos Gods, also sometimes referred to as the Dark Gods, Ruinous Powers, or the Powers of Chaos.

From Lexicanum - Gods of Chaos,

The Chaos Gods, also called the

  • In canon, there are four Chaos gods: Nurgle, Khorne, She Who Thirsts/Slaanesh and Tzeentch.

    Malal has been absent from the lore for quite some time now, and due to some IP-related shenanigans, is one of the few things that can safely be considered truly "gone" from the setting.

    There are additionally a large and deliberately amorphous number of Daemons that one might understandably think of as gods, and are essentially un-aligned Daemons. Examples of this include:

    Drach'nyen, currently Abaddon the Despoiler's sword, and before that a demon who played a major role in the Horus Heresy

    Ouroboros, which is clearly some sort of gestalt Chaos entity responsible for the corruption (or enlightenment?) of the Dark Angels garrisoning Caliban.

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