Stateful DHCPv6 Default Router

2018-02-05 05:31:42

I understand that stateful DHCPv6 cannot provide hosts with a default router, as DHCPv4 could. Hosts would need to determine the default router based off of the information in RA packets.

In my lab, I have a Cisco 7200 router (R1) set up as a DHCPv6 server. I can provide another Cisco router (R2) with an IPv6 address. But R2 does not install a IPv6 route to R1. I can ping R1's link-local address, but not its global unicast address (I receive a "No valid route for destination" error). In R2's IPv6 routing table, there is only an LC route.

I set up an additional router, R3, connected to R1. However, R3 is set up for SLAAC. Given that it's autoconfig, an NDp route is installed in the routing table and I can ping the global address just fine.

My question is, how can I configure a Cisco router to both serve as a DHCPv6 client and also generate a route based off of RA packets?

My R1 configuration:

ipv6 dhcp pool aPOOL

   address prefix 2001:DB8:ACAD::/64 lifetime infi