Can't reset password for email credentials when logged in via OpenID

5 days ago

I log into SE with a Yahoo OpenID, which I have to stop doing by July.

I apparently also have an email/password login. I don't remember ever creating one (although maybe that's what I used before SO had OpenID support?), and I certainly don't remember the password. And there doesn't seem to be any way to reset my password when logged in via OpenID. And the way to reset my password (account-recovery; thanks to Adam Lear) was not discoverable from anywhere I could find. Once you're logged in (via OpenID), there's no links to account recovery anywhere, even on the pages asking me to enter my email and password.

If I go to My Logins, I see two entries: Stack Exchange and Yahoo. The first one has a change password link.

So I click change password, and I'm taken to a page called password-reset, which looks like this:

It requires me to type in my current password. Which I don't know. There's no link anywhere to send a password-reset email, answer a challenge, or do any