Could Muggles enter Diagon Alley from Leaky Cauldron?

2018-02-02 21:27:16

Courtesy of this answer, I found the a bit of weird information on Wikipedia (currently un-cited):

The Leaky Cauldron

The pub serves as a way of entering into Diagon Alley from the Muggle world for Muggle-borns and their parents (both of whom, until the first letter from Hogwarts, have no magical knowledge or means of entering). The rear of The Leaky Cauldron opens onto a chilly little courtyard, in which a particular brick must be tapped three times to open a path to Diagon Alley.

But from what I can see, Muggleborns and their parents wouldn't be able to enter from Leaky Cauldron, because - based on what I can tell - that requires one to use a wand:

He {{Hagrid}} tapped the wall three times with the point of his umbrella.

The brick he had touched quivered – it wriggled – in the middle, a small hole appeared – it grew wider and wider – a second later they were facing an archway large enough even for Hagrid, an archway on to a cobbled street which twisted

  • I think the barkeeper is responsible for getting lost travellers to Diagon Alley.

    Although Muggle-borns (and their Muggle parents) are the most obvious, there are plenty of other people who might want to get to Diagon Alley who do have a wand, but wouldn’t know how to get in. Unless you know the exact brick sequence, you’d be a bit stuck.

    Presumably he or she just keeps an eye out for anybody looking lost, especially children with confused-looking parents, and offers to help them out.

    This isn’t explicit in the canon, but I think it’s strongly hinted. Here are two examples:

    When Dumbledore explains to Riddle how to get his school things, he tells him how to get to the pub, but not how to proceed beyond that. Instead, he tells him to ask for the barkeeper:

    Dumbledore handed Riddle the envelope containing his list of equipment, and, after telling Riddle exactly how to get to the Leaky Cauldron from the orphanage, he said, ‘You will be able to see it, although Muggles around y

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