What are the implications of being “cut off from the Force”?

2018-02-02 21:27:01

Going back to legends for a moment, there's been several depictions of beings being cut off from the Force. Notably was the Sever Force ability used throughout legends to cut someone else (or oneself) off from the Force, either temporarily or permanently. There's also the case of Kyle Katarn who did it to himself before the events of Jedi Outcast, though whether this was Sever Force or something else is unknown, and he later gets those powers back.

In The Last Jedi, we see this concept make a reappearance when we discover that:

Luke Skywalker has cut himself off from the Force.

As the answer to another question confirms, this is indeed what has happened. In the Disney Canon, this seems to result in:

No longer using Force powers actively (push, pull, mind trick, etc)

No longer sensing the Force passively (aforementioned character was unable to sense things going on around them in the galaxy).

No longer detectable by other Force awares who might be looking for the