Could several Jedi peacefully overpower one Sith opponent through nonviolent Force techniques?

2018-02-02 21:26:10

This question, and the answers it produced, got me thinking - could a group of Jedi working together confront a single Sith opponent and peacefully subdue him/her by using nonviolent Force techniques, thereby avoiding injury and/or loss of life to either party? The argument that such an approach would be dangerously aggressive and potentially lean towards the Dark Side doesn't seem to hold water, since the alternative would be for one or more of the Jedi to chop the Sith to pieces with a laser sword until he/she dies, which is obviously far more aggressive than disarming him/her and taking him/her into custody without the use of weapons or violence.

To avoid claims that this question is opinion-based, let's break it down thusly:

Has this ever been considered, attempted, or achieved in any canonical/formerly canonical material?

Is there any clear canonical/formerly canonical evidence that this would be possible or impossible? If the latter, why would it be impossible?

  • In Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    The protagonist turns out to be Darth Revan a Sith lord who has his mind erased and has to regain his attunement to the force. This was done in the middle of a space battle after Revan's apprentice saw an opportunity to turn on his master and gain control. The Jedi boarded Revan's crippled ship and block his memories.

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  • There is no evidence of this in canon which lends to the fact that this is a light side technique that is used. Therefore, I believe this opens this to speculation about what would the Jedi be able to do.

    Do the Jedi subdue anyone ever with the force?

    The answer is no. The Sith on the other hand use force mind manipulation in many examples here. Specifically, here is a quote which emphasizes that during training, mind manipulation is handled carefully and with regard. I emphasize that there are no canon examples where these subduing techniques are used by the Jedi.

    When instructing Jedi students, Yarael Poof stressed that a user must

    be mindful when utilizing this ability, that their target was

    nevertheless a living being with lives of their own, and that extra

    precaution must be exercised as their command could potentially ruin

    their target's life

    There is an inherit evil in subduing an opponent with an attack for which he can provide no defense. Even Obi-Wan/Lu

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  • In Rule of Two, attempts to use direct force powers to subdue a Sith Lord without damaging him were used.

    Farfalla gathered energy from the light side of the Force, and at the

    last moment released it in a single concentrated burst of energy,

    encasing Bane in a stasis field of light side power. This was not

    enough to subdue a Dark Lord of the Sith however. The shield exploded

    into energy fragments as Darth Bane broke free

    That said, Farfalla is far from the strongest Jedi in history. A group of Jedi would likely have been able to handle it.

    On the opposite end, use of force persuasion is rampant in the galaxy far far away. A single, highly persuasive force user could, say, convince a Sith Lord give himself up or even kill himself, as Meetra Surik did to Darth Sion in Knights of the Old Republic II. However, this is something like third tier canon.

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  • While I'm about a year late to the game on the answer to this question, I can point to a specific example in canon that matches the asker's description. There is a clear (pre-Disney) Force power called the Wall of Light that was used specifically for subduing Force users (usually dark-siders) that normally required multiple Jedi to attempt. It required no violent action on the part of the Jedi involved and cut off the target's Force connection either temporarily or permanently. The use of this technique likely would have been considered carefully by the Jedi as the process was incredibly painful for the target.

    From Wookiepedia:

    "When you feel the dark side energies turned against you, you must use your Jedi abilities to take power away from an opponent, rather than to inflict harm. This technique blinds your enemy to the Force with a wall of light, a permanent blockage if you so choose, rendering him unable to use Jedi powers. It is difficult. And it is the most devastating

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  • Yes

    Luke Skywalker defeated a Sith Lord, The Emperor, without using the force or violence. In fact, a critical part of his success was his surrendering and forgoing both violence and use of the force, and instead appealing to the emotions of another Sith Lord, Darth Vader. Then Darth Vader carried out the defeat by using physical strength and not The Force. In the end, The Light Side of The Force was used for knowledge and defense, and it was love and self sacrifice that were more powerful than the Dark Side of The Force.

    Note that Rey used a similar technique to encourage one Sith Lord to defeat another Sith Lord merely by appealing to emotion.

    The best way to defeat the most powerful Sith Lords appears to be to surrender, sacrifice, and let them kill each other.

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