Where is this story from?

2018-02-02 21:25:59

I'm looking for the source of the following story, which I remember only vaguely. There was a computer, lets say, in the basement of MIT Biochemistry building, which started shaking, smoking and making strange noises. It had solved the cure for cancer or something like that, interstellar travel. It was just excited and wanted someone to come by and ask it the right question, so it could give the answer. Can't remember the ending, or where I read it. Its similar to the Vonnegut story of the Alien who landed to give humanity all the answers, but unfortunately landed next to a house on fire, ran in farting and tap dancing (that's the way it talked) and the house owner brained it with a 9 iron. but its not that story, its about a computer, not the Asimov computer story, this was maybe a paragraph of some other story, perhaps Asimov or Vonnegut. thanks