What output video format for Kazam requires less cpu power?

2018-02-02 21:21:20

Please tell me what is the appropriate StackExchange site to post this question if it doesn't fit here.

I use Kazam to capture my videoconferences. It gets too CPU-demanding but the program is awesome so it doesn't crash but drop frames instead, so that the final video may have 1 frame per second in the most difficult moments but with an uninterrupted sound and full correct images.

Which one of these output formats for the video will be less demanding for the program, so that the frame rate does not drop to such low values? I don't mind a big file size, I can compress the video later. Here are the options:

VP8 in webm container,

H.264 in MP4,

RAW video in AVI,

HUFFYUV (no darn idea what this is) in AVI,

Lossless JPEG in AVI.