GE dimmer works with 3 LED lights, somewhat with 4 and not at all with 5

2017-12-14 05:33:17

I've got a brand new single pole GE 14294 Z-Wave Plus dimmer. Before I try to connect it to z-wave, I wanted to make sure it was working. I have five LED lights (4W, 65mA, BR20 flood) lights in series. They were dimming fine on my old Leviton dimmer so I know they are OK.

Using the switch itself, the dimmer will switch the lights on and off no problem, but will not dim. BUT, if I unscrew two bulbs, then the remaining three work fine - i.e., the dimmer works correctly. If I add the 4th back in, the will dim slightly.

I've checked the current, and 3 lights are pulling about 0.2A. With four that goes up to 0.26A, with five about 0.32A. Switch is rated for 1500W and is compatible with LED.

I've tried a different 14294 and have exactly the same problem. Note that at this stage I'm just using the physical switch, so nothing to do with z-wave.

Any ideas? Bug in the firmware? Could it be the bulbs?

I Called Jasco/GE and they didn't know.