Am I allowed to quit without notice during my pregnancy in Germany?

2018-01-13 00:52:27

I have a job that needs a notice of "3 Monate zum Quartalsende" or 3 Months to the End of the Quarter. And since I am already pregnant that is a pretty long time to wait (a new quarter just started so it's legally almost 5 months from now if I quit asap from what I have read).

I sent a few applications and judging by the response so far it might be possible to find a new and better paying job. However, realistically I am pretty sure most places would want a new hire to start sooner than half a year (any later will be in my mandatory maternity leave period).

I heard there is a possibility of a renegotiation contract, but if my employers decides to be difficult what kind of penalties (if any) can I face if I got a job offer and gave a more reasonable 1 month notice to my current employer instead and go my merry way?

I have read that a pregnant woman is not bound to the notice period in the contract, but I can't find so many places saying this since so many places are f