Convert JSPWiki to XWiki

2018-01-13 00:50:16


Looking to convert a document written in JSPWiki format to a file written in any format supported by pandoc.


Preferably CommonMark or basic HTML output.

No attachments.

No predefined server connections (i.e., doesn't attempt to pull/push to/from any Wiki servers).

Preferably Java, PHP, Lua, or Haskell

Preferably Windows, but Linux (Cygwin) also works

An example run:

wikiconvert --input jspwiki --output commonmark < jspwiki.txt >

Web Page

The HTML generated by JSPWiki does not itself abide by its own rules. For example:

!!! Title



However, !!! is supposed to be

, and there are likely other inconsistencies for direct copy/paste conversion from HTML.


Conversion attempts were made using the following software packages:

universal-wiki-converter - requires server access (see exporter)

JSPWiki2MediaWiki - failed to convert (does not handle image syntax)

Pandoc - does not yet support JSPWiki