STM32 Nucleo “Not enough space on Node”

2017-11-20 23:34:55

I am working with an STM32 Nucleo board (F103RB) and am a COMPLETE beginner with programming. I have in fact asked another question during this project!

Anyway, I am have been trying to count a number of button presses, and get an LCD to count up with each press. An LED will also be illuminated and each time the button is pressed, the LED will turn off, wait a second, then turn on again, while the LCD increases its count.

I have the 2 elements working correctly separately. I have used hardware to send a signal when the button is pressed, then the LED will turn off, wait, and turn back on. I have also done a separate circuit where the button is pressed and the count on an LCD increments. So now I tried to put the 2 together. My code would not work. I tried changing it up to see if I could get it working but to no avail.

I took some multimeter readings and found my 3v3 line to be reading 4.8V. After some looking around, I thought the 3.3V regulator on the nucleo board h

  • I have also checked with my L053R8 Nucleo and that one works fine. I have no idea what is wrong with this one

    I don't use Nucleo boards, and I see that you are already getting suggestions in the comments, with concerns about your programming procedure. However, if the same programming procedure works on the L053R8 Nucleo but not on the F103RB Nucelo, then perhaps you really do have a problem with the F103RB Nucleo.

    found my 3v3 line to be reading 4.8V [...] still there was 5V on the 3V3 line

    Considering that you measured 4.8V (or 5V) on what was supposed to be the 3.3V power supply rail, then any of the on-board devices which run on 3.3V (including the main MCU itself, and the dedicated MCU which provides the embedded ST-LINK/V2-1 programming functionality) could have been damaged. According to its datasheet, the absolute maximum power supply voltage is 4.0V for the STM32F103.

    It's a shame that the cause was not found for the 3.3V rail being measured at 4.8V. However from

    2017-11-21 02:05:45