What does it mean to fly a procedure turn?

2018-11-13 23:17:13

So, I'm flying IFR to Newport (KONP) for the ILS RWY 16. There's an aircraft on the approach, so I'm cleared direct BUHRS at 5000' to enter the hold as published.

I get to BUHRS, I turn outbound on the hold, and am "cleared for the approach". (Note: Not "straight-in").

So, what is my next step?

AIM 5-4-9 says I'm required to fly the procedure turn, but I can't find a definition of what that actually means (i.e. do I have to overfly the waypoint to "start" the procedure turn, or does it just mean remain in the protected area?). The options seem to be:

1) Turn back to BUHRS, overfly BUHRS, turn right (ending up exactly back where I am right now), intercept the localizer outbound, descend to 2600.

2) Intercept the localizer outbound, descend to 2600.

If #2 is correct, then there's an additional point of consideration. 5-4-9a1 says I have complete discretion in how I fly my procedure turn. Certainly turning immediately inbound fits within that discretion (instead of tur

  • I'm not sure why you would intercept the localizer outbound, you are already established outbound in holding on the protected side of the course. Presuming that your right turn at BUHRS offset you sufficiently West to make another right turn inbound, I would commence an immediate descent to at or above 2600, start my right turn inbound to remain within 10NM, then once established on the localizer inbound, descend to at or above 2100 until you intercept the glideslope at BUHRS. Then fly the rest of the approach as published.

    2018-11-14 00:23:04