Streamlining Aquarium for Frequent Travel

2018-11-13 23:13:21

Currently, I have a planted 30gal tank with a male betta and a few shrimp/snails. I'm very attached to my fish, and enjoy the ability to give him a tank much larger than the average pet-store betta fish.

Unfortunately, I am now facing a series of significant moves over the next few months/years, including some weeks of loosely structured car travel. These moves will involve spending several days at a time traveling (mostly by car), with occasional long stops. While I can set up a full tank whenever I stop for a few weeks, my 30gal takes up a ton of space in my vehicle, and it's nearly impossible to transport without draining. There's also the matter of getting set up at each new location and ensuring the water continues to cycle properly.

In short, I think my life is going to be way too stressful for my fish.

How do I cope with this?

In past, I have traveled with him in a large pickle jar. While I can't really heat or filter the water, it at least gives him somewhere